Ohanaeze ndi - igbo, Enugu STATE chapter
Ohaneze ndi igbo is a pan-igbo cultural organization for the upliftment of ndi igbo. We accept people with the zeal to make the igbo culture a well practiced culture
among igbo people.

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After the Nigerian civil war, some prominent Igbos gathered to proclaim the need to unify Igbos under a common umbrella body. This initiative was much welcomed considering maximum displacement of the Igbos during the war and its aftermath. An organizational assembly was created, referred to as the Igbo National Assembly (INA). This organization was later banned by the Federal Military Government at the time, probably due to the Government's fear of a grand suspicious agenda being cultivated by the Igbos via the organization; hence, the creation of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in 1976. Professor Ben Nwabueze, a foremost constitutional lawyer, assembled prominent Igbo leaders to form the organization of which he emerged the Secretary-General of the organization spanning a period of 20 years.The organization was effectively championed and supported by the Kingsley Mbadiwe, Dr. Michael Iheonukara Okpara, Dr. Pius Okigbo, and Chief Jerome Udorji (who served as the first Secretary General), among other notable Igbo personalities.
Our Mission.
We the Ohaneze ndi igbo have a mission to make the igbo culture a widely practiced culture and highly practiced culture among the people of the South-East region of Nigeria. With this we can truly teach
the igbo culture to our young ones.
Our Vision.
We see a world where ones culture can truly distinguish us and make us stronger if we acknowledge
our culture and be proud of it. A world in which one recognizes who he/she is and not a stranger to
ones culture. That's the vision of we the Ohaneze ndi Igbo.